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low carb diet recipe ebooks
no potatoes

"Are You CHEATING On Your Low Carb Diet Plan?"

Are you tired of hiding the fact that you eat "forbidden" food items like
bread, potatoes, pizza, cereal, ice cream, cakes, among all those other
tempting foods?

How boring is your low carb menu getting? I mean... just how many ways can
you fix eggs anyway?
Now you can actually enjoy ALL the foods you crave and still maintain your
low carb diet with these low carb diet recipe ebooks. Get lots of low carb
menu ideas and fix quick and easy low carb meals that you love without the
Low Carb eCookbooks has incredible recipes that are easy to make and
unbelievably delicious! We show you how to make the very foods you crave, the
low carb way! Very creative ways to actually have pancakes, pizza, bread,
spaghetti, cakes, candy, ice cream and many, many more foods
Did you ever notice how expensive the "healthy" and "low carb" food items are
in the grocery stores? Since they are "specialty" items, processed
specifically for a targeted group, they cost so much more than the regular
food items.
Well, with the recipes in the Low Carb eCookbooks, you can save a TON of
money by making them yourself! It's easy!
Low Carb eCookbooks brings you low carb recipes that allow you to enjoy your
favorite foods WITHOUT the guilt!
If you are following the atkins diet, south beach diet, zone diet or any
other low carb diet, you are going to LOVE these eCookbooks! In fact, the
recipes listed in these eCookbooks are so delicious and flavorful, you can
enjoy them without being on ANY diet!
Now you can add VARIETY to your low carb menu. Stop craving foods because we
show you how to enjoy them the low carb way!
Although these recipe books are "low carb" don't let that stop you if you
aren't on a low carb diet. You'll notice that sugar and high glycemic carbs
are avoided in low carb diets and that's great for anyone on any diet.
We have 4 main Low Carb eCookbooks in our complete set package, each
containing a special bonus section - Breads and Breakfasts; Meats, Poultry
and Fish; Side Dishes; and Desserts. And when you order right now, we throw
in a 5th eCookbook, Low Carb "Meals" as a bonus among many other bonuses!


The Low Carb eCookbooks Package!

ow carb diet recipe ebooks
PLEASE NOTE: These ecookbooks are DIGITAL, DOWNLOADABLE files and come
in PDF format! You will need the free Acrobat Reader program to read
the ecookbooks if you don't already have a program on your computer to
open PDF files. You can get a FREE copy of the Acrobat program on your
PC now by going to: https://get.adobe/reader/ You may also need an
unzipping program if you don't already have one on your computer which
you can get here: winzip

Here What's Included In The Package:

Includes low carb bread recipes, low carb muffins, low carb cereal, low
carb pancakes, low carb breakfast ideas and more!
Breads and Breakfasts
Who says you can't have bread? Imagine enjoying your favorite breads,
muffins, crackers, pancakes, waffles and so much more! You'll find
recipes like Superb Melt in Your Mouth Rolls, Raisin Roll Delight,
Magnificent Bread Crumbs, Intense Garlic Bread Surprise, Blueberry
Muffin Jubilee, Splendid Banana Loaf, Sandwich Bread, Almond Vanilla
Pancakes, Fake French Toast, Hot Cereal and MORE in our "Breads and
Breakfasts" Low Carb eCookbook!
*Bonus Chapters Included: Spreads & Syrups*
Includes low carb chicken recipes, low carb pizza, low carb ground beef
recipes, low carb shrimp recipes and more!
Meats, Poultry & Fish
Enjoy recipes like Savory Swiss Steak, Barbecue Pork Tenderloin,
Ethiopian Beef & Peppers, Asian Crockpot Steak, Pork with Lemon Dijon
Cream Sauce, Chicken Alfredo, Crispy Chicken with Honey Mustard,
Chicken Fajita Casserole, Shrimp Scampi, Delicious Crab Jambalaya, Crab
Cakes, Noodleless Lasagna, Beef Burritos and SO MUCH MORE... And you
thought entrees had to be boring!
*Bonus Chapter Included: Sauces*
(You HAVE to have BBQ sauce and Ketchup among others!)
Includes low carb vegetables, low carb snacks, low carb chips, low carb
soup, low carb vegetarian recipes and more!
Side Dishes
Jazz up your veggies! In this Low Carb eCookbook of Side Dishes, you
will have lots of help deciding on what to fix to accompany your main
dishes! Make fabulous soups, salads, vegetables with recipes like
Heavenly Creamy Chicken Soup, Roasted Vegetables with Tuna, Taco Salad,
Oriental Salad, Fabulous Cheese Spinach, Chard with Bacon Veggie
Delight and so many more!
*Bonus Chapter Included: Snacks & More!*
(Yes, I AM a snacker too!)
Includes low carb desserts, low carb cheesecake, low carb cookies, low
carb brownies, low carb candy and more!
Satisfy your sweet tooth! You KNOW you still crave the BAD stuff! But
you don't have to feel guilty about it with the dessert recipes in our
Low Carb "Desserts" eCookbook! Imagine enjoying No Bake Cheesecake,
Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, Quick Strawberry Ice Cream, Layered Peanut
Butter Pies, Bread Pudding, Brownies, Mouth Watering Chocolate Chip
Cookies and so much more!
*Bonus Chapter Included: Candy Bars*
(Hello! You HAD me at "Heavenly Peanut Butter Cups!")

Also Included:

Includes low carb meal plan, low carb meal ideas, low carb pasta, low
carb chili, low carb casseroles and more!
Our 5th Bonus eCookbook making this a complete set! Includes recipes
for complete meals like Eggplant Parmigiana, Deluxe Low-Carb Macaroni
and Cheese, Soft-Crust Pizza, Cheesy Quiche and many more! Fill your
menus with tasty dishes and enjoy your low carb lifestyle!
35 Tips to go low carb when eating out
When Eating Out
Whether you travel a lot or enjoy eating out infrequently, itâs easy to
be caught off-guard, which can lead to carb overload. By planning ahead
and making thoughtful choices, you can find low-carb options at any
Low Carb FAQ
Low Carb FAQ
Many individuals who have heard about low carb diets have questions and
concerns about them that they would like answered. Here are some of the
most frequently asked questions about low carb eating.
Includes an Infographic!
Overcome Junk Food Cravings
Junk Food Cravings
Most people know why junk food is bad for them - it causes obesity,
depression, diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, dementia, and can lead to
a number of other health problems - which is why weâre going to get
right into how you can overcome your cravings for these types of foods.
85 Low Carb Recipes
85 More Recipes
Meals - Snacks - Desserts
85 more low carb recipes to help expand your low carb menus.
42 Lunch and Dinner Recipes
19 Breakfast Recipes
24 Snack-Dessert Recipes
148 Low Carb Foods Shopping List
Shopping List
PDF CheatSheet & Infographic
A list of foods with carb grams to check off for shopping with a handy
one sheet infographic that divides foods into the different food
On top of ALL the wonderful recipe eCookbooks and reports above, we
have some SUPER BONUSES for you! You will receive everything below as
well. We want you to have the best low carb package to help you on your
low carb lifestyle.
Low Carb eCookbooks Bonus
Dr Atkins Diet Revolution Low Carb Diet Plan
Dr Atkins Diet
The ORIGINAL Dr Atkins Diet Revolution ebook that explains indepth the
Atkins Low Carb Diet Plan, the rules and different phases. Very
informational! Lays out the basis of low carb as it pertains to a
lifestyle change.
1000 Atkins Recipes
1000 Atkins Recipes
We continue on with the Dr Atkins Low Carb Diet by providing you 1000
of his recipes! For an older low carb recipe ebook, there are many
really great recipes listed.
Atkins Carb Gram Counter
Carb Gram Counter
Provides a Carb Gram Counter that lists foods by category. You will
find portion sizes, total carbs, net carbs, fat, protein and calories
for each of the listed food items.
The glycemic index that measures a foodâs ability to raise blood
glucose levels.
Glycemic Index
The glycemic index is a tracking system that measures a foodâs ability
to raise blood glucose levels. The GI scale was developed in order to
more specifically rank carbs, and how each will affect blood glucose
levels after intake as is relevant to the referent carb of pure
Foods To Avoid
Foods To Avoid
You will receive a PDF Checklist File and CheatSheet Infographic
The list of food is divided into the different food groups for easy
For a hassle-free, healthy transition into a low-carb diet, make sure
youâre avoiding these common mistakes.
Common Mistakes
You receive an eBook and Infographic.
For a hassle-free, healthy transition into a low-carb diet, make sure
youâre avoiding these common mistakes.
100 Low Carb Swaps
Low Carb Swaps
You will receive a PDF File and 2 Infographics.
These swap ideas will help you make better choices for your low carb
A handy infographic to help you visualize the amounts needed on a low
carb/ketogenic diet in each of the food categories by way of the Keto
Food Pyramid.
Keto Food Pyramid
A handy infographic to help you visualize the amounts needed in each of
the food categories by way of the Keto Food Pyramid.

SPECIAL BONUS: Low Carb eCookbooklet

Anyone who wishes to promote the Low Carb eCookbooks may do so through
ClickBank whether they have purchased the Low Carb eCookbooks package
or not. The Low Carb eCookbooklet contains a small sampling of low carb
recipes in different food categories from our regular Low Carb
eCookbooks. It has many links in it that you rebrand to YOUR ClickBank
affiliate link to help you get sales.
We provide this eCookbooklet along with Squeeze Page files to you as a
very enticing promotional tool to get more sales. These files are
included in your bonus files when you purchase this package and is also
provided in the Advertising Center (see below). Once you Rebrand your
links into the eCookbooklet, all you have to do is GIVE it away to as
many people as you can and collect the 50% commissions.
testimonial bar
"I looked through all of the recipes and I am sitting here salivating!
I can't wait to try these recipes. To be able to come up with so many
low carb dessert recipes is really an accomplishment. And all of these
recipes are really healthy (We eat WAY too many refined carbs in this
country). This is one set of cookbooks that will actually get used at
my house!!"
~ Dr. Sylvia Williams, California, USA
testimonial bar
"I have tried several of these recipes so far and expect to try many
more. The meals I made using these recipes came out delicious and my
husband thought they were just GREAT! These low carb recipes were just
what I have been looking for!"
~ Gilda Brescia, Georgia, USA
testimonial bar
"I liked how it was divided into chapters.... makes it easy if you want
to plan for a day or a week... to review recipes for main course, or
meat or side dish or dessert.... and then print out the one from each
category you might want to use this week!"
~ JoAnne Schnepp, Arizona, USA
testimonial bar
"I am thrilled with these Low Carb eCookbooks! I have been looking for
ways to add variety to my low carb diet and these are just the ticket!
I particularly love the helpful comments at the end of most of the
recipes because they help you know what to expect when making these
recipes. Now that I have so many yummy low carb recipes, I will have no
trouble staying on my diet!"
~ Patricia Barfield, Georgia, USA

ONLY $19.97

Buy It Now-
credit cards


PLEASE NOTE: These ecookbooks are DIGITAL, DOWNLOADABLE files and come
in PDF format! You will need the free Acrobat Reader program to read
the ecookbooks if you don't already have a program on your computer to
open PDF files. You can get a FREE copy of the Acrobat program on your
PC now by going to: https://get.adobe/reader/ You may also need an
unzipping program if you don't already have one on your computer which
you can get here: winzip
30 Day Guaranty
If you are not completely satisfied with this Low Carb eCookbook
Package, then we will refund every penny of your money with no
questions asked!
ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a
registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and
used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an
endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim,
statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

RECAP... Here's what you get with this package:

ow carb diet recipe ebooks
* The Low Carb eCookbooks:
- Breads and Breakfasts with Bonus Chapters Spreads & Syrups
- Meats Poultry & Fish with Bonus Chapter Sauces
- Side Dishes with Bonus Chapter Snacks & More!
- Desserts with Bonus Chapter Candy Bars
- Meals eCookbook for Complete Meals
* 35 Tips To Go Low Carb When Eating Out
* Low Carb FAQ (PDF Report and Infographic)
* 40 Ways To Overcome Junk Food Cravings
* 85 Low Carb Recipes
* 148 Low Carb Foods Shopping List (PDF CheatSheet & Infographic)


Low Carb eCookbooks Bonus
* Dr Atkins Diet Revolution
* 1000 Atkins Recipes
* Atkins Carb Gram Counter
* The Glycemic Index
* 144 Foods To Avoid On A Low Carb Diet Checklist (PDF Checklist File
and CheatSheet Infographic)
* 10 Most Common Low Carb Diet Mistakes
* 100 Low Carb Swaps CheatSheet (PDF File and 2 Infographics)
* Keto Food Pyramid Infographic
* The Low Carb eCookbooklet & Squeeze Page

ONLY $19.97

Buy It Now-
credit cards


Credit card statements will show either "CLKBANK*COM" or "CLKBANK*
PLEASE NOTE: Low Carb eCookbooks in no way guarantees weight loss or
any health benefits whatsoever. We are only presenting recipes that
allow for lower carbohydrates. This information is not presented by a
medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes
only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional
medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your
physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may
have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional
medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have

For Questions or Help, Email Us at:

Or Visit Our Help Desk: Snap Help Desk

Thank you for visiting this Low Carb eCookbooks site! I hope that if
you purchased this package, you enjoy all the great low carb diet
information, the low carb menu ideas, and of course, the many low carb
diet recipes. Now you don't have to suffer to stay on a healthier diet
and feel like you are missing out!

Want to earn money with the Affiliate Program?

Click Here to Learn More
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Low Carb eCookbooks © - A Division of Snapfinger Enterprises LLC
P.O. Box 38, Harlem, GA 30814

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